Plant Stem Cells
One of the major new improvements to this anti aging serum has been the addition of plant stem cells. These plant stem cells are derived from the Globularia Cordifolia plant, a little globe daisy with fluffy, pale lilac blossoms. Grown high in the mountains of central Europe and Turkey, this is one hearty plant. Clinging to the rocks over 6000 feet high, this survivor can thrive in temperatures in the minus 20's in chalky soil while being blasted with strong winds, UV rays from the sun, snow and pests.

These remarkable plants have learned to survive these extremely harsh weather conditions by adapting and producing cells that live longer and regenerate quicker. They also detoxify themselves naturally. Researchers using the latest in biotechnology have found a way to extract these defense mechanisms created by these plants so that they could be used in serums such as Xfacio Labs High Potency Anti Aging Serum. Laboratory tests have proven this compound to be outstanding for skin care use. Completely safe and natural, it is an amazing substance.

Plant stem cells from this Globularia Cordifolia extract are just one of the many synergistically acting components of this new improved Xfacio Labs Anti Aging Serum. There are many more components both new and previously used in this formula that act together to bring to bear one of the most advanced and effective anti aging serums that there has ever been available to consumers.